Sunday, October 4, 2009

I totally goofed!

First off, I want to thank Dianna of Digicats for bringing the goof to my attention. She managed to notice that while she was making our tags with each of our kits, there were no papers in our kits - well apparently there was a whole lot of the original zip missing. Not sure what happened, but I've learned a valuable lesson - lol!

Now, I've managed to fix the link below in the original post and I will also post the new link here

Please do forgive me and I'm sorry for all the inconvenience, but I hope you'll enjoy this kit much, much better - lol


  1. It's okay hun. Zipping used to give me fits when I first started designing. Now I've figured out all the tricks and I'm an old hand at it. Thanks for the "updated" kit.

  2. Thanks Dianna for the heads-up and the comment hun, not to mention the absolutely beautiful tags!


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